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Trifle Recipe 2022 – Learn How To Make It

by Shahnawaz Alam
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Desserts should not only taste delicious, but they should also be food for your eyes. I don’t know about others, but that’s what I feel about the English Trifle Bowl – a dessert delicious in taste and elegant in decorum and appearance. 

This extraordinary British cuisine is a layered food made out of different fruits and thin layers of sponge fingers. Trifle consists of variable ingredients. Ome of the variable often uses chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and such.

While making a trifle bowl, you usually arrange layers of fruits, then top it up with whipped cream. The more traditional variation uses syllabubs.

When you are done having a heavy meal, it is time for some trifle. Just ready it in a bowl and leave it overnight to serve it after a heavy meal.

What Is A Trifle? It’s Nothing Trifle

What Is A Trifle? It's Nothing Trifle 

The dish redirects your memory to a vibrant and rich-looking dessert rich in sweetness, ripeness, and wholesome sensation. This dessert is the perfect dish to put the cherry on top of your dinner table. They use mixed fruits, whipped cream, and an eggless sponge to make the mouth-watering trifle.

Trifle finds its origin in the book The Good Housewife’s Jewel in 1585. It was in the recipe of a thick cream flavoured with ginger, sugar, and rosewater. Another similar dessert named Fool is responsible for the evolvement of Trifle.

Later, Hannah Glasse mentioned the dish in her book The Art of Cookery in the 18th C. later, Oliver Wendell Holmes Wrote about it. Most importantly, Trifle is the food chosen as the platinum pudding. It is the part to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Nutrition Parameters

Calories Fat CarbsProtein 

How Long Your Mouth Has To Wait? 

Prep: 20 mins

Cook: no cooking needed

Chill Time: 60 mins ( better to leave it for 6 hours minimum) 

Total: 80 mins 

Servings: 6 servings

Ingredients You Need

  • 6 ounces of pound cake or sponge cake. Cut them into horizontal and thick slices. 
  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of sherry. It is optional.
  • Fresh strawberries or raspberries. It’s better not to use frozen ones.
  • 2 cups of jelly.
  • Homemade or canned thick custard. 
  • Softly whipped cream full of 2 cups. 
  • Whole-sized strawberries or raspberries for garnishing. 
  • Use sliced and toasted almonds for garnishing. You can use it as an optional. 
  • Grated chocolate is optional for garnishing.

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Follow These Steps To Make It

Just follow me through, and you will make it there. 

Step ①    

First of all, you should gather all the necessary ingredients.

Step ②    

Now you need a trifle bowl to line up the first layer of ingredients – which is – the sponge fingers or the cakes sliced nicely. Sherry is optional; if you want to use it, you shall use it now. Just brush it on top of the cakes and leave it for Five minutes. 

Step ③

Now the time has come to shroud the fingers with a dense layer of strawberries or raspberries. Then you have to pour the liquid jelly ( ⅓ of it) and set it in the fridge – this will set the sponge and your fruits at the bottom. Now pour the rest of the jelly over and let it set down. 

Step ④

Is it set? If it is, use a thick layer of custard and spoon it on top. 

Step ⑤   

Now for the finishing layer, use a dense layer of whipped cream. You can spoon it or pipe it using a piping bag.

Step ⑥  

Now, all that remains is decoration. You need to ready your choice of fruits and lay them on top. Some of us may want alternatives like almonds or chocolates. Since you decide on the taste, I will let you decide on the fruit as well. 

Step ⑦

As I said before, if you leave it for 4 to 6 hours before serving, all the elements will have time to bond and bring out the flavour you were not ready for. Finally, you can enjoy it after a heavy mill.

Frequently Asked (Not Trifle) Questions (FAQs):

Whether you are ready to make a trifle or done savouring its elegant taste, it’s normal to have questions. These questions and answers might help if you have any queries. 

1. What Are The Layers In A Trifle?

According to the tradition, the layers of trifle include cake pieces, fruit pieces, custard, jelly, cream, etc. But you can take ingredients of your taste and also make them ahead of time to serve them after dinner or lunch.

2. Can I Use Ready-Made Custard In A Trifle?

Yes, there is no problem in using ready-made custard in your trifle recipe. You can use custard from a tin or from a carton. The ready-made custards are usually the best if you are making a quick sherry trifle. You can also make your own custard, but it will take you more time than using ready-made ones.

3. What Makes The Bottom Layer Of A Trifle?

The bottom layer of a trifle usually consists of a sauce. You can use the lemon-white chocolate sauce for the bottom layer. Some recipes use a sauce made of eggs, white chocolate, cream, and lemon juice. But, if you want, you can also start with a pudding at the bottom of it.

3. Is It Better To Make Trifle The Day Before?

Once you layer the different ingredients and finish making your trifle, you need to give it some time. The flavour needs to get that wild mix. You can serve this anytime, but not before at least 6 hours of arranging the whole thing. It is better if your trifle has a day before you serve it.

Trifle Or Tasty?

British cuisines aren’t trifle – trifle sternly proves that. When you need a tasty dessert after a heavy feast, it is one of the best options. The juicy and fruity feel of the dish makes you want more even though it is time to put your plate down. If I got you wanting to taste it, you can’t blame me, for I have also given you the recipe.

Please share your experience with us about how you liked it. For any queries, you can also reach out to us in the comment.

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