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Cornish Pasty 2022 – How To Make Cornish Pasty At Your Home

by Shahnawaz Alam
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Although it is needless to say how rich the British Culinary heritage is in taste, flavour, and art, I will still insist. The taste of the Cornish Pasty is so overwhelming that you cannot have a bite and not talk about it.

From what we know, Cornish pasty originates in Great Britain. The miners could not always return to the surface for their lunch. But thanks to this pasty, they still had a healthy meal of the day. Moreover, they could eat it while holding the pie with a handle.

This delicacy uses diced beef, potato, rutabaga, and onion. A cornish pasty is a meat pie. So, if you want to know the recipe and make tasty cornish pasty, this article will help you. In this article, I have given you the cornish pasty.

What Is Cornish Pasty?

What Is Cornish Pasty?

Specially made for the miners in Cornwell, the cornish pasty is a meat pie made of beef, potatoes, and onions. The beef skirt is mainly used for the meat needed in a cornish pasty. The recipe consists of making a pasty and redying a stuffing to fill it up with. If you are looking forward to making it, then there is a recipe below.

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Cornish Pasty Recipe: Ingredients & How To Make It?

I have already told you about the key ingredients you need to make cornish pasty. But here is a detailed list of all the ingredients you need, followed by a step-by-step recipe.


Here is a list of ingredients:

For the Pastry: 

  1. 1 cup of flour.
  2. One pinch of salt.
  3. Cold and cubed butter of two ounces.
  4. Cold water, 2 or 3 tablespoons.

For the Stuffing:

  1. Cubed skirt steak (beef), half cup.
  2. Diced potato, half cup, diced into ¼ inches size.
  3. ¼ cup of finely chopped onion.
  4. Salt, according to your taste.
  5. Black paper, freshly grounded (as per your taste).
  6. One large-sized egg is beaten lightly.

Follow This Step-By-Step Process To Make Cornish Pasty

Now that you have lined up all the ingredients, you are ready to make the delicious pastry at home.

Step 1

Take a large bowl and mix flour, salt, and butter to prepare the pasty.

Step 2

Now you need to use your fingertips to mix the flour, butter, and salt. You need to continue until the mixture turns into something like breadcrumbs. The dough becomes warm so try to finish before it becomes warm.

Step 3

Now you have to add two tablespoons of cold water to it. Use a cold knife and stir the mixture until you see a dough forming. If you feel the mixture is too dry, add one more tablespoon of water.

Step 4

In the next part, you have to wrap the dough for a minimum of 15 minutes. It is better to extend that time up to 30 minutes if possible. Now you are ready to make the stuffing.

Step 5

Divide your pastry into four pieces and roll them into round sizes. You can maintain a 6 to 7 inches diameter.

Step 6

Now use a large bowl to mix all the ingredients for the stuffing. Mix the steak, potato, and onion well with salt and pepper. 

Step 7

Divided the meat mixture and other ingredients on top of all the pasty circles. Spread them evenly before brushing the edges of the pastry with the beaten egg.

Step 8

You must fold the circles into half now and crimp the edges to create a tight seal. You need to now brush each of the pasties with the remaining beaten egg.

Step 9

Now you have to use a baking sheet and bake the pastry for approximately twenty minutes until it becomes golden brown. You can keep the oven temperature at 350 F. Once it is baked properly, you can serve it to yourself and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think reading this piece of the article made you confident enough about making your own cornish pasty at home. However, if there is any question, you may find the answers below.

1. What Are Original Cornish Pasties Made Of?

The key ingredients used to make cornish pasties are beef, potatoes, onions, and rutabaga. Beef skirts are the type of meat usually used for cornish pasties. This type of beef has less fat and no gristle. They also take the same amount as vegetables to be cooked.

2. What Makes A Cornish Pasty A Cornish Pasty?

The ingredients and the shape of a cornish pasty make it stand out as a genuine recipe. For the ingredients, you need beef, potato, and onions. This meat-based pie is shaped like a D. it is crimped on one side and not on the top position of the pie.

3. What Is A Real Cornish Pasty?

Owing to its origin in the Cornwall, Great Britain, a cornish pasty must be made in that geographical location if you want to call it a real cornish pasty. But you can also make a pasty of the same taste anywhere in the world. As long as you are getting the recipe done properly, it does not matter if it is real (geographically) or not.

4. Why Is It Called A Cornish Pasty?

The Cornish pasty originates in Cornwell in Great Britain. The mine workers there found it hard to eat without getting their food contaminated down in the mines. Cornish pasties are made simple so that the workers can eat them using a handle without contaminating them.

Last Words

If you are making a cornish pasty, you can use a food processor. Also, there is no need to cook the stuffing before. Also, I advise you to use a waxy potato so that it holds its shape inside the pastry. I hope reading this article helps you make the Cornish pasty you have wanted for a long time.

However, If you have any questions regarding the recipe, you can ask them in the comment below. We will be sure to check it out and answer accordingly.

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