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Faggots Recipe 2022 – Learn How To Make It

by Barsha Bhattacharya
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A classic British delicacy, Faggots are served with a side of peas, mashed potatoes, and some tangy English mustard. My stomach is already rumbling on hearing about the same, and I hate stepping out every time I crave anything delicious. So it was a matter of time, I amped my cooking skills!

The other day when I couldn’t stop thinking about eating something really tasty, I decided to whip up a dish of faggots. And I made it a point to cook the dish with complete perfection – exactly how it must be prepared! The dish turned out to be great, and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing the recipe with all of you.

Keep reading to find out more!

Tracing The Origins Of Faggots: What’s In A Name?

Tracing The Origins Of Faggots What’s In A Name

If you are wondering what are faggots then you have come to the right place because we are here to tell you all about the same. Made from sliced or chopped pigs’ intestines and livers, suet, breadcrumbs, herbs, and some crazy seasonings, faggots are either baked or fried, accompanied by the side of peas, mashed potatoes, and onion gravy. 

The English and the French go way, way, way back, and I am not kidding, there really is a French connection that I came across while tracing the origins of Faggots. Apparently, food experts say that this classic British dish is connected to the French crepinette – “crepinette, a small flat sausage made of sausage meat and wrapped in a caul (crepine).”

Traditionally referred to as food items for ‘poor people,’ the faggot is one dish that gained a lot of popularity during times of rationing. This is because faggots are one item you can eat entirely without wasting any portions. However, throughout the United Kingdom, you will still find butchers selling their own variations of the dish. 

Yes, Americans use the same word as slang for referring to homosexual people, but really guys, what’s in a name? Firstly, it’s not the 80s anymore, and gender is fluid. Secondly, WHAT’S REALLY IN A NAME? 

If English Breakfast and Fish N’ Chips are your favorite British dishes, whenever you have to do some impressive cooking, it’s time to amp your cooking skills for a change and make some faggots instead! 

Cooking Faggots At Home: The English Connect

Cooking Faggots At Home The English Connect

If you were wondering how to cook faggots at home, then simply scroll down and check out all that you need to know about the same. And remember, you can only learn to cook well when you practice regularly – practice makes perfect! 

Ingredients: What’s Inside?

Yes, you want to cook faggots at home, but what about the ingredients? Scroll down and find out what ingredients you will need for preparing eight servings of this classic British dish

Grounded Mace½ tsp
Pig Liver300g
Pork shoulder (diced)500g
Mix of onion stuffing and sage170g
OilLittle quantity

The table above highlights all the ingredients you will need for preparing the faggots at home. But what about the yummy onion gravy – understand that the meat is literally incomplete without the gravy. You need to scroll down and find out the ingredients you will need for preparing the gravy at home. 

Onions (thinly sliced)2
Sunflower Oil1 tbsp
Sugar2 tsp
Red Wine Vinegar1 tbsp
Plain Flour3 tbsp
Beef Stock850ml
Parsley (chopped)Handful
Veggies And MashFor serving purposes

Homemade Faggots: How To?

Once you have information about the ingredients required for preparing faggots at home, what are you even waiting for? Simply scroll down and find out how to cook faggots at home! 

Step 1:

Heat your oven to 140 C or 160 C. Then very gently oil your roasting tin. Once you have oiled the tin, put the stuffing mix inside a large container and stir well after adding 500ml of hot, boiling water. Set this mixture aside, for now. 

Step 2:

Now simply pulse the meat inside any food processor until the pieces are finely chopped – now simply add both the pulse and liver. Once you have done so, you need to add mace, a teaspoon of salt, and a large quantity of pepper – now stir it all together. 

Once you have finished stirring, shape the blended mix into 24 pieces of faggots. Now put all of these in the already prepared container.

Step 3:

For making the gravy, fry the thinly sliced onions in oil until the slices turn golden. Add the sugar and keep stirring until caramelized. Now quickly tip the vinegar in, allowing it to sizzle. On the other side, mix the required flour in a tablespoon of water. 

Simply add the stock and this flour mix to the onions – keep stirring until the mixture becomes smooth and starts thickening. Once the mixture is thick, you have to pour it all over the faggots inside the container and bake the same for an hour. Don’t forget to cover the container with some foil before you start baking.

Step 4:

Finally, it’s time to serve! Once you are done baking, serve the faggots with onion gravy, some veggies, and mashed potatoes on the side. Sprinkle some parsley, if you feel like it. You could also serve faggots and peas together if you don’t want mashed potatoes or veggies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Is Mr. Brains Faggots?

Ans: Mr. Brains Faggots is a popular brand selling brain faggots in the United States. One of the most popular products the brand sells is Mr. Brain’s 6 Pork Faggots.

Q2. How Do You Add Richness To Gravy?

Ans: You can add richness to onion gravy by following the steps below,
Stir frequently inside the pan drippings.
Simmer the mixture with different varieties of fresh herbs.
Add a condiment that is umami-rich.
Sauté the veggies.
Add all the roasted garlic.

Q3. What Are Traditional Welsh Foods?

Ans: Traditional Welsh food is as follows,
Welsh Rarebit,
Bara Birth,
Welsh Cakes, and
Glamorgan Sausage

Faggots For Dinner: Comfort Food Like No Other

When you know how to cook some crazy pork livers or brains faggots for dinner, why dine out? Faggots does both comfort and party food like no other.

If you are happy, you can always celebrate with a plate of faggots. And if you are upset about something, you can always count on some faggots to keep you company at 3 am in the morning. 

The next time you want to cook something crazy, go for this yummy dish. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same, in the comments below!

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