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Where You Should Go For Ice Skating In UK?

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Most Brits love taking to the ice during the winter season. However, you may not be sure where you need to go for this adventure especially if you are still new in the UK. That is why this article articulates the best place to go for ice skating in the United Kingdom. 

The most important thing is to have a memorable moment while undertaking this activity. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful when making a choice. On this page, you will get a clear picture of where to go for ice skating in the UK. Following the guide will help you to get true value for your money. 

The Best Places to go for Ice Skating in the UK

ice skating

There is so much that you can do and see once you get to the skating destination. You will still have a magical experience whether you decide to skate or not. Even just seeing how people are wearing is entertaining. 

If you have never tried ice skating, there is no need to worry. Remember, you will not be the only person who is hanging on the railings. The number of ice skaters that you come across will offer a high level of motivation to you. 

Almost every city and town erect an ice rink during this time of the year. To get one that is close to you, you can visit the interactive map for guidance. Once you click on your region, it will suggest to you the rinks that are closest. 

What Do the Ice Skating Venues Offer? 

Most of these venues have lessons if you would like professionals to teach you these skills. You will discover that using the ropes is not as hard as you thought. Even though you can easily get the ice rink near me, you will note that very few of them are special. 

This is why it is important to identify the best sky skating spots in the UK. How much does ice skating cost? This question will definitely cross your mind as you go for this adventure. The amount that you pay depends on the skating point that you choose. In most cases, it is a direct reflection of the kind of skating experience that you get. 

Here are some of the top favorites for you in the United Kingdom:

1. Brighton Royal Pavilion – Sussex, England 

The ice rink that is at the Royal Pavilion is undoubtedly the most beautiful ice-skating spot in the country. This Palace mixes the visual Indian and China style with Regency grandeur. The spot was initially built to be a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. It is a great choice for anyone who wishes to go ice skating in the United Kingdom. 

2. Cardiff Winter Wonderland – Cardiff, Wales 

The momentous civic center of Cardiff has now been transformed into a kingdom of ice which makes it a perfect destination for skating. It is complete with astonishing ice sculptures, an ice rink, a funfair, and Alpine Village. The cost of the services is worth the experience that you get from this place. You will not regret it when you choose it as an ice-skating destination of your choice. 

3. Murrayfield Ice Rink 

Murrayfield Rink is home to the hockey team of Edinburgh. It is one of the favorite ice-skating points, especially for the UK locals. It is an indoor public skating rink that is a great choice for individuals who prefer indoor skating. 

It is also a great choice if you just want to spectate in any of the 3800 chairs that surround the rink. If this is what you would like to get from a skating spot, you will not go wrong by choosing Murray Ice Rink. It is a location that will give you an experience of its own when it comes to skating. 

4. Somerset House – London, England

Would you like to go skating on ice? Somerset House has the most beautiful ice rink in the country that you should consider visiting. During the day, you can skate as you take in the stunning courtyard that transports the visitors to the bygone era. 

The vibe however changes after dark and you can get into the swanky nightclub. The club normally has a host of international DJs who normally pump out some of the coolest music sounds. 

You can finish off the experience at this point at the Skate Lounge or Fortnum’s Lodge and do some shopping at the Christmas Arcade of Fortnum. The place will give you a complete experience in addition to skating. You will really love the kind of experience that you will get from this place. 

5. Tower of London – London, England 

When you tour this spot, you will be able to take in the dramatic surroundings of the London tower that has been around for over 1000 years. It really gives you an exciting experience as you continue to glide around on the ice. 

The beauty of the backdrop remains the same both during the day and at night. It is a world heritage site that is washed in several hundreds of snowflakes that light up the fortress wall after the dark. 

After enjoying skating on ice, wrap up in one among the many insulated coats that are available. You can step into the pop-up bar, Eis Haus bar, and lounge that is exclusively made of ice to enjoy a great drink in a chilling ice glass that is surrounded by crystal-clear ice sculptures. 

6. Eden Project – Cornwall, England 

The Eden Project is renowned for hosting crops from the whole world under the ginormous dome such as greenhouses. As a visitor, you can bask in the warm ecosystem regardless of the outside weather. However, things get a bit nippy once every year with the invention of the ice rink. 

The Eden Project is among the greatest ice rinks to visit. If you have enough time to get cold, you can warm up by popping into one of the domes. 


The United Kingdom has some of the best ice skating spots in the whole world. This article suggests the top 6 destinations for anyone who wants to skate on ice. You can choose one that is near to you depending on the kind of skating experience that you need. The cost of ice skating in London varies from one spot to another. It basically depends on the kind of services that the facility offers. 

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