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10 Best Staycation Ideas – Vacation At Home In Less Budget

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The word staycation brings together two words which are stay and vacation. Some professionals refer to this phrase as a holiday. There are so many staycation ideas that people can explore. 

It is a period where a family or an individual stays at home while participating in leisure activities. You engage in a day trip distance from your home and hence you don’t need overnight accommodation.   

In some regions, this term typically refers to domestic tourism. It is like taking a holiday in your county instead of traveling abroad. This article looks at some of the staycation ideas that you can take advantage of as an individual. 

10 Best Staycation Ideas

staycation ideas

Some of the staycation ideas include visiting local museums and parks, using a backyard pool, visiting amusement parks, and attending local festivals. You can also use a certain set of rules like setting the starting and ending date while on a staycation. 

You can also avoid routine and plan ahead in order to create a feeling of a traditional vacation. The popularity of staycations increased in the United States between 2007 to 2010 during the financial crisis. In the United Kingdom, staycations became a common phenomenon when overseas holidays became very expensive because of the weak sterling pound. 

Staycation gives you a chance to take some time off and unwind without breaking the bank or getting on a plane. Most people associate staying at home with work, school, or a nearby restaurant. However, you can still take some time and relax within your environment. Here are some of the great UK staycation ideas that you can take advantage of as a citizen. 

1. Don’t Allow any Phones Absolutely 

You need to put your phone away while on a vacation. Don’t even look at your favorite apps or social media platforms. Avoid also interacting with the news alerts. Setting up an out-of-office reply to your emails is good and you should not check in. stay it to yourself because you are on a vacation. Just know that you are not around because you are on holiday. 

2. Go Hiking

This point doesn’t suggest creative indoor activities. However, if there is a hiking spot near your home, it is one of the best staycation ideas. 

You can choose to go for a hike. It will sound as if you are literally hiking in other parts of the world. It is one of the best staycation ideas for those people who love to travel. 

3. Set Up Space in Advance 

If possible, set up your home for maximum relaxation before the first day you will be on vacation. Do your laundry and clean up everything including the fridge and bathroom. Change your bedsheets and leave no tasks that will need to be done while on the vacation. You can also make your space somehow festive and odd. Some people will also hang up a few Christmas lights to help them enjoy their vacation. 

4. Fill Pitchers with Cut Fruit and Water

This is among the most luxurious staycation ideas that you can encounter. Think of enormous water pitchers with orange slices or watermelon chunks in them, especially around a pool. 

It is indeed one of the most refreshing staycation ideas in the UK. You rarely use fruits to flavor your water while at home. Make sure you don’t miss out on this while on a vacation. 

5. Spa Day

A spa day is definitely your first stop during your staycation. Remember you are worn down and when you get some time, do some personal maintenance that you indulge in. Steam your face, do the nails, and don’t forget to blow out the hair. Don’t allow yourself to just sit down and feel gross. Remember you are on a vacation and it is not another gross time. It is something you cannot afford to miss when putting together your staycation ideas. 

6. Prepare Something which Reminds you of Your Best Travel Destination 

There could be something that you really enjoyed when you were on a vacation overseas. It is time to bring that into your staycation ideas. Just take some time and prepare that delicacy for yourself. If you don’t know how to prepare the meal, you can place a special order from the food delivery services near me. 

7. Spend More Time in Your Robe

As you think of the spa day, plan to spend more time than is the norm in your robe. In most cases, you always run from the shower to your clothes. It means that we rarely allow the skin to dry before we stuff it, warm and moist, into the fabric. 

This should not be the case while on a vacation. After showering, put on the moisturizer then wear your robe. Put it on for the longest period that you can even if it means going for over an hour. Take enough time to select your outfit for the day and brush your nails. 

Do anything that you think is good for you including taking your tea. In case you don’t have a robe, you may spend some time in the towel. It is just good to feel relaxed during your staycation. 

8. Read a Vocational Book

It is tempting to try taking some kind of hard nonfiction or fiction work during the staycation. You may be thinking that finally, you have the time. However, it is not one of the best staycation ideas that you can implement. 

For the best staycation UK experience, it is advisable to avoid some things. Just pick something that is light and a breeze. Remember you need to give your brain a break at this time. Since the brain has been working hard all the time, you just need to give it a break. 

9. Play Vocational Music 

There are some lyrics that will remind you about the best non-staycation holiday. It could be some reggae or something Parisian. Ditch the stuff that you listen to every day and put on the vocation music. 

10. Make a Themed Dinner Night Movie

There is a lot of fun in this staycation idea. Think of cannoli and meatballs with the Godfather or pulp fiction with a milkshake. You can also prepare cool hand, Luke, with fifty hard-boiled eggs.

There is so much that you can think about when preparing a night movie dinner for your vacation. All you need to do is to allow your creativity to work for you at that point.


A staycation allows you to enjoy your holiday at the least budget. Remember you will not be going very far from your home. With the right staycation ideas, you will feel as if you are on a trip abroad

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